Aim Utilities are fully GIRS accredited and qualified to perform service cut offs, alterations, services and mains – we currently carry out work on behalf of Balfour Beatty. We have enormous experience in this type of work, making sure all work is carried out to a high standard. We are able to repair/replace virtually any gas pipe without the disturbance of a site closure.  We can offer full design of any product and follow it through.

  • A wide range of gas services for commercial and residential sites.
  • Installation of gas mains and services (includes excavating, backfilling and reinstatement).
  • Installation of new gas mains and services to new housing, commercial and industrial developments, including gas pipe connection to the GT main, testing and commissioning
  • New connections onto existing gas mains in the public highway to the meter.
  • Service alterations and service disconnections.
  • Liaison with Local Authorities, highway agencies .
  • Pipe Asset adoption by IGT or GT.
  • Procedure writing including GL5 Appraisal, NRO/RO.
  • Fitting gas meters and live mains connections.
  • Underground PE meter outlets.
  • Gas Outlet Pipe work Installation From the meter into the building and if necessary up to the burner inlet etc.
  • Gas Commercial Meter Installation to CMET1 and CMET2 for commercial meters these can be installed and commissioned complete with meter.
  • Asset management through a registered MAM where required.
  • Design of gas distribution systems in accordance with IGEM recommendations.
  • Condition reporting, on-site surveys & assessments.

With over 10 years experience in the gas industry, together with our investments in staff training, plant and specialist equipment, we offer excellent standards of technical expertise, quality and service to our clients. Our blend of experience, teamwork and safe working practices ensure that we always provide excellent customer care and satisfaction.

Want to know more? Telephone us on 01384 238 830 or visit our contact form  . . .

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